Home Top News Water polo, Cetabello sweeps over Canada in World League: 17-5

Water polo, Cetabello sweeps over Canada in World League: 17-5

Water polo, Cetabello sweeps over Canada in World League: 17-5

An easy introduction for the Azzurri in the last eight in Strasbourg, 5 goals for Di Somma and 4 for Carua. Campaign: “Keep It Up”

A soft smooth start. Against Canada, on the opening day of the World League Final Eight, Settebello was as wide-eyed as expected: “We started in a contractual way and then we got disbanded. Of course we will need some time to return to full form, but in the meantime I am satisfied “Sandro Campagna after 17-5, if the vice-champions of the world are significant in the ice-breaking event. Advance towards the European Championship in Split on August 27.


With the North Americans, the unfortunate protagonists of the World Cup (Kovid was suspended after the first defeat with Spain) and without the Brescia-born Bigari, Italy enter the field in Strasbourg without a left-hander and a central role: indeed, Damonte and Martial are rested. Above all positions are filled by Fontelli and Iocchi Grata. After the opening handbreak by Campagna (also a penalty and a failed numerical superiority), the Blues picked up the pace: deadly counter-breaks and counter-breaks, excellent defense in pressing, Del Lungo careful between the posts, Di Somma and Cinella very impressive shooting (with 5 and 4 goals respectively). will finish). Increasing advantages: 3-1 at half-time, 8-3 midway through the match, 12-3 at the last interval, 16-4 at the occasion, marking the maximum margin already touched at 17-5. The different percentages of accomplishments are telling, 22% for the Canadians and 47% for Italy in this World Cup mix: Di Fulvio, Echenique (recovering from surgery for a cervical hernia) and the injured Bruni were not called up by Campagna. He left with the group. 15 Blues Alessiani and Rensuto (reserves for the Hungarian review) and young Syracuseans Cascia, Candemi and Ferrero are the smartest in the debut race. Tomorrow will be easier against hosts France, who beat the USA on penalties. After the first stage, in the quarters, the two groups will cross: the first against the fourth and the second against the third. All Settebello matches are live on RaiPlay.

Italy: Del Lungo, Alesiani, F. Condemi 3, Iocchi Gratta 1, A.Fondelli, Cinella 4, Renzuto 1, F. Cassia 2, N.Presciutti, F. Ferrero 1, E.Di Somma 5, Dolce, Nicosia. All propaganda. Canada: Radenovic, Patterson, Djerkovic 1, Cote, Halajian 1, Blanchard, Almasy, Gonzalez, Cardigan 1 Ric., Solaimanibak, Tanasijevic, D’Souza 2, McKnight. Flocks run. Judges: Dutilh-Dumas (Ola) and Ivanovski (Mne). Note: sup. No. Italy 9 (5 goals), Canada 10 (3). 3’18” Radenovic saves a penalty from A. Fontelli.

Friday the 22nd: Group A, Spain-Australia 13-10, Montenegro-Serbia 16-8. Standings: Montenegro, Spain 3; Australia, Serbia 0. Group B, Italy-Canada 17-5, France-USA 19-17 on penalties (14-14). Standings: Italy 3; France 2; Use 1; Canada 0.

Saturday the 23rd: Group A, Australia-Montenegro (14) and Serbia-Spain (16); Group B, USA-Canada (18) and Italy-France (20).

Sunday 24th: Group A, Montenegro-Spain (18) and Serbia-Australia (16); Group B, Italy-USA (14) and France-Canada (20).

Monday 25th quarter-final, Tuesday 26th semi-final, Wednesday 27th final.


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