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France dominates Canada to win bronze – OA Sport

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The finals of the Rugby World Cup have concluded and the third place final has been played tonight. Canada and France both lost in the semi-finals against England and New Zealand at home. Here’s how it happened.

It was France who ran the game right from the start, Canada was forced to defend and struggled in a closed scrum. However, Transalpine struggled to find the gates and the balance was not broken in the first few minutes. So when should we get to 17′? Madoussou Fall capitalizes on his fitness to go beyond the goal line to make it 7-0 to the French.

France insists it is putting more pressure on Canada once the game is suspended At 21′ Caroline Drouin stretches off the pitch with a kick. The unreactive Canadians struggled to build an attacking presence, while the Transalpines picked up the pace in search of a second goal and almost wrapped up the games before the break. And the effort pays off, too Pauline Borden scored a try in the 38th minute to make it 17-0. Canada is crumbling, time has passed France’s third goal came as the Marine manager sent both teams into the break 22-0 up.

The Canadian coach tries to shock his girls with changes, but France is too strong for the North Americans In the 44th minute Annelle Deshaye combined with Dance to make it 29-0 to mark the fourth French try.. The competition is now closed and only Transalpine has to control the situation. And strike when you get the chance. how In the 61st minute, Marine managed to make it 36-0 with a goal from the manager Final. France on the podium, bronze medal.

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Photo: World Rugby via Getty Images

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