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Ukraine – Russia, today’s war news

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A new attack on Odessa, hit by seven missiles, the scene of the raid on the city during the visit of the President of the European Council Charles Michel. At least one person was killed and five wounded in the bombing that also targeted a shopping mall. During the night, a Russian missile destroyed Saint George’s Monastery in Svyatogorsk in eastern Ukraine, a hermitage dating back to 1526 where many refugees had gathered. distance Putin’s speech for celebrations Victory Day The attack was not stopped, but launched for “preventive” purposes – this is how the Russian president prompted the invasion – which, according to Putin, would not see an escalation: “The horror of the world war must not repeat itself.” Russia’s chief negotiator stresses that the path to negotiations is not closed. President Macron He looks at the end of the conflict and says: “Peace will not be built on the humiliation of Russia.” Biden – who will meet with Draghi today – signs a law on fast shipments of new weapons to Kyiv inspired by a 1941 measure used to provide equipment for Britain’s fight against Hitler, but worries about knowing Putin is in trouble. He doesn’t have an exit life, it’s a matter of understanding what he intends to do, it’s his logic. Finnish Minister Tuppurainen on CNN: “Our request to join NATO is very likely.”

Ukraine-Russia war, beyond life: what you need to know today

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05.42 Finland, Minister: “It is very likely that an application to join NATO”

It is “very likely” that Finland will apply for NATO membership. This was stated by the Finnish Minister for European Affairs, Titi Toborinen, in an interview with CNN. Specifically that no decision has yet been made, the minister explains how potential NATO membership is a “natural response” to Russia’s war in Ukraine. The minister hopes for a “short certification process” if Finland seeks membership.

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04.08 Japan announces new sanctions against Russia

Japan has announced new sanctions against Russia by expanding the list of people whose assets will be frozen and a ban on the export of advanced products to Russian groups also in the field of scientific research. Shortly before the announcement in Tokyo, Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda made it clear that the modalities and timing of the Russian oil embargo agreed upon by the G7 leaders would be determined, and stressed the United States’ role in ensuring the stability of supplies. Third world economy.

02.08 Kyiv: 7 missiles hit Odessa, at least 1 killed, 5 wounded

At least one person was killed and five wounded in Odessa following a series of Russian attacks in the past few hours. In all, 7 old-style missiles were fired, Ukranska Pravda was quoted by the Ukrainian Southern Operations Command. Odessa spokesman Ufa Serhiy Prachuk said it caused a series of fires, including one in a shopping mall. Witnesses said that at least four explosions in the city.

01.55 Zelensky presents the second part of the EU Entry Questionnaire

“Today we have taken another step, very important and not only official, on our way to the European Union. Ukraine has submitted the second part of the answers to a specific questionnaire that must be filled out by every country aspiring to join. The European Union. It usually takes months. But we did That’s all in a few weeks.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his Telegram channel.

Zelensky’s speech on Victory Day: “We will celebrate two years soon”

01.40 Biden: “Putin is calculating, but he’s afraid he has no way out”

Joe Biden calls Vladimir Putin a “calculator” and says he worries he hasn’t found a way out of the war in Ukraine. American media reports that the United States is trying to figure out what it intends to do, the US President said during a closed fundraising campaign. The US president also said: “Putin believes he can destroy NATO and the European Union.”

00.45 Kyiv, a Russian missile destroys the Saint George Monastery, using it as a shelter

A Russian missile destroyed the Saint George Monastery of the Holy Shrine in Svyatogorsk, eastern Ukraine, where many civilians had sought refuge. It was already damaged on May 12 and many were injured. Ukrinform news agency published reports on its Telegram channel. The Hermitage Museum dates from 1526, is remembered as a “guardian against the Crimean Tatars,” belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate and is located on the right bank of the Seversky Donets, a tributary of the Don. In 1637 the Cathedral of the Holy Dormition was built on top of the mountain of labyrinths and walkways.

00.30 The US House of Representatives votes on 40 billion aid plans

In the US, House Democrats are aiming for a vote in the next few days, possibly as early as Tuesday, on the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. The resources can be approved by the House of Representatives by a simple majority, but in the Senate, Democrats would need at least 60 votes and Republican support. Currently, the Senate does not approve of the measure the House intends to vote on.

00.15 Special Pulitzer Prize for Ukrainian Journalists

Pulitzer announced a special award for Ukrainian journalists for “courage, perseverance and dedication to the truth.” The other winners are The Washington Post and The New York Times.

00.02 Biden in defense “Stop leaking intelligence news in Kyiv”

US President Joe Biden has ordered security chiefs to stop leaking news about US intelligence sharing with Ukraine. CNN, citing an internal source, reported that the White House chief spoke last week with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, CIA Director William Burns and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, afterwards in the media. It was reported that the information provided by the United States helped the Ukrainians to kill the Russian generals. Biden assured them that these leaks do not help and must stop. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the president was “dismayed” and called what happened a “mistake”.

00.01 Biden signs the law used against Hitler, thanks Zelensky

U.S. President Joe Biden signed a law to speed up arms shipments to Ukraine, inspired by a 1941 measure used to provide equipment for British combatant Hitler. A signature that the Ukrainian president defines as a “historic step”. “I am convinced that together we will win again, defending democracy in Ukraine and Europe, as it was 77 years ago,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

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