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Cgia study from Mestre

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Taxes will eat up 25% of the 13th Italians. To say it is a study by Cgia of Mestre, which condemns The cost of the economic crisis Over thirteen Italian employees and retirees. According to the study that identifies the arrival of 47 billion euros in the thirteenth, 11.4 billion euros They will end up in the treasury vaults.

Retirees can collect the first thirteen starting next Thursday, December 1st. Then, employees in the public and private sectors will also be able to collect the long-awaited thirteen, which in most cases will be spent in the same December between bills, mortgage payments, imo balance for second homes and Christmas holidays.

According to the study by Cgia of Mestre, this year it is expected 9.5 billion euros in Christmas purchases, which is a rather low figure if compared to less than 10 years ago when purchases reached the €20 billion threshold. However, part of the contraction is due to buying early in November for discounts like those for Black Friday, not more than a day and for online-only purchases, but extending beyond a week and for any kind of physical or virtual activity.

Thirteenth and Taxes: How Much Money Will You End Up With in Taxes?

This year, the thirteenth of all Italians (beneficiaries 33.9 million, including pensioners and employees) will reach 46.9 billion euros. Of these, 11.4 billion will be reabsorbed by the tax authorities. In total, about 35.5 billion will remain in the pockets of Italians, but unlike in pre-pandemic and pre-crisis years, the extra month’s salary will be used to pay everyday expenses such as bills, mortgages and more.

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The rise in expenses, due to the inflation of basic needs and not only, led to a decline purchasing power Italians for the Christmas holidays. Most of the extra money in December will be directed to electricity and gas bills, mortgage payment and IMU balance as the first need of Italians. In practice, it will serve to avoid defaulting on important payments and not as an additional expense to support the market.

Where does the thirteenth go? Spend less and less money on gifts

The thirteenth represents the purchasing power of Italians during the Christmas period, for example to buy food for the holidays and to give gifts according to the Christmas tradition. In recent years, especially last year, there has been a 50% decrease in Christmas purchases compared to the pre-crisis period of 2008-2009.

Part of the problem is Black Friday, i.e. usually very big discounts during the November period. Over the years, Black Friday has expanded from one day to a week or two. Thus, the expenditures of the Italians were concentrated in the month preceding December, which led to the collapse of expenditures in the period under study.

List of the most popular purchases and gifts in Italy for Christmas: Ranking

Cgia of Mestre Study continues to suggest a list of popular gifts. In fact, Italians seem to prefer letting go Food And follow a whole series of other products, with a clear increase in the so-called digital giftssuch as subscriptions to streaming platforms or gift cards.

there classification Among the most common and favorite gifts of Italians are:

  • Food
  • Kids Games
  • technological products
  • books
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Personal care items

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