April 24, 2024

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We and Rights / 5. Stories of Persecuted Women: Kabul, Canada, Italy

Three messages about women’s rights: one is good, one is grossly obscene and the most predictable.

Good: An 18-year-old girl of Moroccan descent in Bologna who was abused, separated, tortured and threatened with death by her family for wanting to “live in the West”. , His energetic father has arrested the man who tortured his oppressed daughter for not being able to get close for a while. In a country of Jews murdered by family torture, not Kabul but Italy, this is comforting news, we hope not for revenge.

Ghostly pornographic news: Nobel laureate Nadia Murad banned from entering school in Canada ISIS perpetrators, abducted, raped, sold into slavery, are considered inferior by the fanatics of jihadi Islam. Reason for censorship and exclusion: It is certain that Murad’s speech would have been in favor of “Islamic hatred.”

Next is the third news, which is not even a news story: that is, the daily harassment of Afghan women has disappeared from the pages of the Western media; First from the first pages, then from the inside. In Kabul, women are oppressed, expelled from schools and forced to wear the burqa, which was abducted by violent husbands. This is not news, shame.

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