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Vomiting, feeling sick and fainting for the new horror movie!

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Social media was unleashed after the release of Terrifier 2. The movie definitely went over the limit and part of the audience couldn’t stand some scenes, so much so that Vomiting or even fainting. Director Leon warns: “I don’t want people to faint or get hurt“.

This actually happened a few months ago with David Cronenberg and his buddies The crimes of the future that we told you in our reviewwho has Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival He saw a part of the audience leave the room because of the extreme scenes that were hard to bear.

This time the limit was exceeded by terrifying 2Directed by Damien Lyon and shown in cinemas for a few days but Enough to talk about. The film, a sequel to the 2016 movie, does what a self-respecting horror should do: Disturb the viewer. He does this by making the public vomit and sick and ambulances that rush out of the halls to help the unfortunate.

However, fans should not be surprised by this horror. We remember, in fact, that the first apocalyptic probably contained One of the most extreme deaths of the movie The Slasher In circulation: a woman cut in two in the bloodiest and cruelest way. To put ‘revisionTo the situation was the same director who now warns viewers: “I wish there were two directors, I think it’s kind of a Medal of Honor, because it’s such an intense movie. But I don’t want people to faint or get hurt during the movie. It really is a surreal thing“.

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For horror fans, another interesting project is in progress. In fact, it was done recently The shooting of The Nun 2 has begunAnd the The new Conjuring movie!

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