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Volkswagen Golf 9: is it worth it?

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Euro 7 . hammer – The Volkswagen Golf It is definitely not a popular German home model because it is a best seller. Not only that, but with 205,408 units in 2021 it was the “queen” of the European market. However, even such a popular model, under the new homogenization procedures to ensure compliance with the Euro 7 standard, can be subject to economic evaluations. And this is exactly the logic of Volkswagen, whose management questions the possibility profitability from U.S New generation Ninth golf. These concerns were expressed by the new CEO of the Volkswagen brand, Thomas Schaefer, who, in an interview with the German magazine watchexpects a significant increase in the prices of combustion vehicles.

golf 9 – According to the German executive in the medium term, the electric cars They will become big Cheaper than their counterparts with a combustion engine. For the latter, models with prices below 10,000 euros will no longer be available because they will be subject to an increase in the range of 3-5,000 euros due to the need to install complex exhaust gas cleaning systems. In light of this, the German director announced that the brand is carefully evaluating the possibility of introducing one into the market golf 9which will be for one generation, shorter duration Compared to the usual rules (estimated at 7 or 8 years) due to the new regulations that will come into effect. In this scenario, a model that makes volumes its strong point may not be sustainable even for the Volkswagen Group.

> with concept identity and life In 2021, Volkswagen wanted to anticipate the number 2 electric vehicle identification number for 2025.

In 2025, utilities become EV – Schaefer, in his dual role as Head of High Volume Brands at the Volkswagen Group, announced that as of 2025 Four models of small electric cars will be launched. In addition toID.2Another model from the Volkswagen brand will arrive, which is supposed to cost less than 25,000 euros, one with the Skoda brand and another variant with the Cobra brand.

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