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Electricity, gas, alarm bell end of protected market – Economy

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Concerns are growing about the imminent end of the protected market in which electricity (small projects and condominiums) will begin in less than two months, on January 1, 2023, the same date on which household gas supplies are protected.
To join the alarm cry from businesses and dealers are Consumers of Assoutenti, an association that has reported on offers in the free market for electricity and gas with numbers that make your wrists shiver. “Based on the latest monitoring of offers on the Arera offers portal, the tariffs applied to the free energy and gas market are much higher than those applied to the protected market – Assoutenti Analytics – in particular, fixed-price contracts, that is, where the tariff for electricity and gas is fixed for a certain period of time, but rather It looks prohibitive, reaching an average annual cost of 5077 euros per household for gas (annual consumption 1400 m3) and 2429 euros for electricity (annual consumption of 2700 kWh). Compare this data with the tariffs applied in a protected market, the gap is not Natural: For a fixed-price contract, free-market gas costs averaging 166% more at a cost above +3173€ per household; +124% electricity with an increase of +1.346€ per year per unit Scissors discounted on floating-rate contracts: For this type Of the papers, duty-free costs an average of 23.8% plus gas protection + 18.1% for electricity.”
“It is no coincidence – notes Assoutenti – for gas, only 3.1% of the 572 Duty-Free offers on the Arera portal are cheaper than the Protected Market (a total of 18 cheaper offers: 12 at variable rates, 6 at fixed rates). The percentage that rises to 9.4 % in the electricity sector (but only 0.9% related to fixed price contracts)”.
“The government must necessarily take into account this abnormal gap for all the decisions it will take in the energy sector – says President Forio Trouzi – with the imminent end of the protected system, households will be exposed to the market, the free market, where tariffs and economic conditions are highly unfavorable , with an inevitable increase in cost.
For this reason, we appeal today to the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Piccito Fratin, and to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, to immediately change the extension of the protected gas market, at least until January 2024 for electricity, with the possibility of further delays should the current emergency persist, from in order to save families and businesses from the unsustainable costs of the free market.”

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