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Vip’s older brother, Soleil Sorge takes a look at Manuel Portozzo: ‘Hypocrisy is aging badly’

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Manuel Borzozo ended up in Soleil Sorge scenes after Big Brother Vaib.

Soleil Sorge slammed Manuel Portuzzo. the reason? someone Remarks made by former rival of Big Brother Phip In the transmission will not happen anymore that caused the occurrence Immediate reaction from the influencer Italian-American on social media.

Sule rises up against Manuel Portuzzo after Gf Vip, that’s why

It ended up with Manuel in the eyes of Soleil. It all started after the ex-Givino’s interview on Radio Radio in which he came back to talk about his breakup with Lolo Selassie. The interview started with a dig at Clarissa Selassie who in recent weeks has ended up at the center of the controversy for missing guest Giada de Misselli:

After the media experience I’ve had, they can be sure that I won’t say anything about my private life. Here because it was a love born on TV, it was a lesson to understand certain things. So now I’m single, sure […] I’m spontaneous, I wouldn’t have asked you questions before.

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behavior and allegations Borzozo He didn’t like it he goes upThat decided to intervene on social networks and launch one poisonous shot to his former playmate. Former competitor of Gf VIP He shared Biccy’s article on Twitter and wrote: “Use more love and hate less” – mention that hypocrisy is badly aged. Words referring to their experience at the famous movie house, marking some of the obvious nominations that Manuel vs. Sully has made: “I remember Soleil but with a tip from the things I’ve learned thanks to my mistakes. It’s simple that he should use a little more love and hate.”. Will a response come from the person concerned?

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