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“Violation of airspace, unacceptable” –

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Copenhagen, already in NATO, summoned the Russian ambassador for tomorrow: he decided to supply Ukraine with new weapons. Stockholm is considering joining the alliance

Denmark and Sweden are revolting against Moscow for a Russian reconnaissance plane breaching their airspace. the truth It happened last Friday in the Baltic Seaon Saturday by Stockholm, and on Sunday the head of Danish diplomacy Jeppe Kofod announced that he had summoned to
Monday, the Russian ambassador. Another Russian violation of Danish airspace. Kofod responded on Twitter.

A serious violation, given that Denmark is a NATO country, which comes within days of Copenhagen’s decision to provide Ukraine with a new batch of artillery.
As part of the €80.6 million arms donation that Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen promised during his recent visit to Kyiv.

The Ministry of Defense in Copenhagen stated that “Two Danish F-16s immediately intervened.” When the Russian aircraft, an AN-30 helicopter specially used for reconnaissance, Friday evening, violated the national airspace for a “very short” period of time.

Russian plane flew east Bornholm, A Danish island in the Baltic, then entered Swedish airspace south of Blekinge.

until the Stockholm Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist described the violation as “unacceptable”.. Also in view of the former. At the beginning of March, two Russian bombers violated Sweden’s airspace: two Su-24 bombers – which could have carried nuclear bombs – passed through Jutland, escorting two Su-27s. operation could have The intentional goal to frighten Swedenwhich at that time, together with Finland, had begun to send ambiguous messages regarding possible membership in NATO. Moscow warned that such a move would have consequencesWithout going into details.

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in the margins May Day celebrations, the Swedish Prime Minister said that Stockholm He’s thinking what to do
: “We have been out of alignment for 200 years and this has worked for us. No decision should be taken lightly.” Anderson said the nomination for NATO membership is “a very difficult issue that requires in-depth analysis”. His party, the Social Democrats, has long opposed membership but announced last week that it would make its decision on May 24.

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