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Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey are no longer together, evidence that has surfaced on social media

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Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey have reportedly broken up. This is what the Daily Mail reported, and to support the separation hypothesis, there is also social evidence that begins with deleting photos together.

Even couples who seem perfect on the surface can go through a crisis period, and that could have happened Vincent Cassel And the wife Tina Knacki, who according to the Daily Mail, could have broken up. The removal process was supposed to take place several weeks and according to the newspaper, the divorce proceedings had already begun.

Signs of alleged separation

The French actor and actress, who fell in love on a red carpet appearance, is ending their relationship, after five years together and a daughter, Amazon. Contacted by the British newspaper, sources close to the couple said: “They broke up weeks ago and Tina is heartbroken.” No statement to the press has arrived from either of them, but meanwhile, on the star’s Instagram profile and also on Kunakey’s profile, all photos depicting them together appear to have been carefully deleted, confirming the thesis of a possible break between them. It is not clear if the decision was made by mutual agreement or if it was one member of the spouses who expressed the need for separation.

Vincent Cassel is absent from Tina Kunakey’s birthday party

April 5th was also the model’s 26th birthday, when she began her relationship with Cassel she was only 21 years old. Crepes, toasts and dances, there is no trace of the French star, not even among the birthday girl’s many reposts. Unlike last year, when the actor dedicated a thought to her on social media instead. So it seems clear that at least between the two there is a rather deep crisis.

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