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“He Should Be Left Alone,” the Wednesday star has clear thoughts about the future of the hero’s love interest

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Strange as it may seem, in recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about … love life Wed Addams. She, and only she, is the character known to go through that specific period when little girls think the same thing: murder. After some rumors about the future Netflix seriesNow put it up he is a co-star of Jenna Ortega.

Let’s talk about whatever Myersmore than ever for interpretation Enid Sinclair In the series, which was partially filmed by Tim Burton Which scored insane numbers on the platform. during an interview with varietyHe deepened some aspects of the eight episodes that had already been released, but also had his say on confirmed Season two on Wednesday.

For starters, she was asked if she had seen the many fan posts about the Wenclair, the ship between two characters that has taken the internet by storm over the past few weeks. «I am not on social media much – He said – But my sister finds it cool to turn some things over to me. Fan art, the tweets you’re talking about. My Instagram comments are full of these things, as are private messages. So yes, you’ve seen them».

In recent weeks, as mentioned, there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of this between a Tyler and one Xavier I hope you win, Enid. The two roommates became very close, despite Wednesday’s infamous squabble with all things sentimental. For the authors, there are also footnotes to assess a possible romance between the two young women, but Emma Myers herself backs out in this case.

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«Anything is possible in the show – he said in response to a specific question – We haven’t really talked about the direction it’s going, and I don’t know what the plans are. But for love interests on Wednesday, I think at least for the second season he should still be single». And soon the reason was told to the actress: «She just had a huge fiasco with guys, she needs to relax a bit first. I really don’t want to date if I go through the same things».

what do you think? Do you agree with her? Should Wednesday Addams be less “teenage” in Season 2 and return to the bleak, horrific character fans have come to love? Share your opinion in the comments, as always.

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