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Villalfonsina Club, PD inaugurated: “It will be a space for listening, discussion and dialogue”

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was inaugurated, Friday 20 Januarythe Democratic Party Circle to Villafoncina. Present at the ribbon-cutting of the new headquarters is the club’s secretary and city councillor Paula OlakoRegional Secretary of the Democratic Party of Chieti, Leo MarongioMember of the regional council Silvio PaolucciPresident of the Province of Chieti and Mayor of Vasto, Francis Mennamany managers of Fastizi, PDP fighters and citizens of Villalfoncina.

“It was a great emotion for me to inaugurate this club here in Villafoncina today – commented Paola Olaco at the beginning of her speech -. First of all, I thank Silvio Paolucci, Leo Maronggio, Francesco Mina, the directors of Fastici, the many attendees despite the bad weather, but Special thanks to the combatants and members of the PD of Villalfonsina without whom we would not be here today. The main objective of this club – adds the municipal councilor – is to create a space for listening, discussion, dialogue and acceptance of citizens, all in the simplicity of sharing and coexistence.

In specifying the reason for the word “circle” and not “seat,” he affirms: “The word circle for me is the meaning and feeling of a round table where those present are equal in dignity and importance, without discrimination in roles, where everyone can and should feel at home, at home and in A safe place that instills protection and trust even when there are problems. This circle – emphasizes Secretary Olako – is a political project that aims to put the person and his proposals, ideas and decisions to be made for the good of society once again at the center ».

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«I accepted with great joy the invitation of my friend Paola to take part in this inauguration today – said the President of the Province of Chieti and the Mayor of Vasto, Francesco Mena -. This new constituency, which joins many already in the Vastizi district, is another hope for our province and our region. Opening the doors of any office or club means returning to dialogue with citizens ». He thanked those present, and stressed that “opening a branch is a sign of great political activity, generosity and strength. The party’s headquarters have always represented for us in the center-left an essential moment in the life of the party, because having a headquarters means having a physical place for confrontation and dialogue. Among the goals that we all have to set ourselves is to bring the center-left back to the leadership of Villafonsina as well as in other communities in the Fastese region.

Joining Mina’s words and thanking her Paola Olaco and the entire community of Villalfoncina, the Regional Counselor Silvio Paolucci stressed the importance of «returning to talking with the people about the problems of the people and the communities to which they belong. Dialogue and listening are key points, and this office was born today precisely to initiate that confrontation and dialogue that are necessary to restore the centrality of people and problems. A beautiful club is also a place to share and gather.”

“The opening of a new headquarters,” stresses the regional secretary of the Democratic Party, Leo Marongyo, “is always a good thing whether it opens in large cities or in smaller communities. Today is the day to celebrate Villafoncina, a new journey begins linked to the work and commitment that Paola makes every day to this beautiful community. A friend first, then a manager and a party fighter, I can only thank him for opening this club. As Provincial Secretary, it is an honor and a privilege to be here.”

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