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“Very serious and disturbing things have happened, just not the mindless ‘nuts

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Speaking by Alessandro Rusica. The gossip expert became aware of what had happened and said his word, confirming that the acts committed were very serious and had taken place on New Year’s Eve at Amechi’s house.

Twenty-second edition of friends Chaos ensues in the aftermath of New Year’s Eve as the behavior of several students forces the production to take tough action Sizes.

Friends 2023: New Year’s Eve are very serious and disturbing facts

Some details about what happened ad friends On the night of December 31 to January 1, it was leaked from the Twitter page “friends news” And it looks like some players will Sniff the nutmeg and that this would cause them to vomit, fever and hallucinate. However, photos of what happened in the house have not emerged due to the production selection and questions remain.

To uncover new details and gossip expert missionAlessandro Rosica He learned from a very reliable source of what actually happened during New Year’s Eve. Rosica talks about him Very serious and disturbing facts.

I would send everything, even to show it to their relatives and friends. Because they defend them and say they didn’t do anything. But do you think Mariah and Charm hunt people down for no reason? These are really serious facts, scandalous, and not just an inappropriate use of that junk and other stuff. There is a lot behind that, believe me. From time to time and you will know everything, you will soon know the truth. I learned amazing detail but in addition to the use of certain things, also other bad, bad things. If it’s not just about using things, it’s also about other things. There are two things you can do inside the house?

“I can’t say more than that because I learned it from the one person who can tell me everything. So don’t make me argue with that person. You see all things are known by those who work at Amici and the boys. However, the excluded cannot deny, there are Cameras and everyone who was supposed to see it saw it. Maria and the production team behaved very well, no one was going to allow certain things. I repeat, very dangerous things, in addition to those things, also things that are not allowed there. The production took action in the best way “.

“Something like this has never happened before on the programme,” he continued, “nothing should have been reported but. Now you guys understand everything. The source who told me is reliable or I wouldn’t have spoken. These things on TV should never have happened, But not even in real life. See, this thing is way worse than the Bellavia case for GF Vip. And then they didn’t just do it once, they did it, over and over again knowing they were being filmed, because they weren’t themselves.”

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