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Verstappen-Hamilton, controversy that was audited before the awards ceremony in Canada? The case that rocked Formula 1

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A The case was audited Before the Canadian GP Awards Ceremony Formula 1? Seems to be the conflict between Max VerstappenThe winner of the race is e Louis Hamilton, Third, has been in the waiting room. He was also with Hamilton and Verstappen Carlos Science, Received second place. The audio starts from a conversation where Science and Verstappen comment on them Highlights: “I haven’t seen you in a few days. I was like ‘where is it’? I wasted time with you. Then we hear what Hamilton has to say.How disgusting“. Then the audio is lost and the sound is muted for 15 seconds. They probably talked about one Again dangerous On track one Montreal. Or it could be something else. Also, Hamilton and Verstappen already had a fight last year Six December Then Arabia’s GP. But why that interruption in the audio? Why Images Slightly postponed Audit slander Or violent conflicts. So some big words definitely flew by. Doubts have been raised as to whether this happened in between Pilots Or about the cone of Montreal.

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