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VAT numbers and non-reimbursable contributions: how to request them

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Good news is coming for the many VAT holders who will soon be able to take advantage of the arrival of new grants. Here’s what you need to know.

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Ago Corona virus disease As we entered our lives strongly, we find ourselves forced to deal with the various repercussions that this virus has brought with it, whether from the point of view of social relations or economic. Indeed, in order to counter its spread, we have been asked to pay attention to various precautions. If all this were not enough, many entrepreneurs have unfortunately had to lower their business shutters.

A particularly complex context, which forces many families to deal with low incomes. Hence the need for targeted interventions by the government to support the most affected groups. In this particular area, it’s good to know they’re coming New contributions that are not reimbursable for VAT. Let’s get into the details and together see who qualifies and what we can know about him.

VAT numbers, new non-reimbursable contributions coming: requirements and timing

Thanks to the Sostegni Bis decree, the government decided to allocate contributions to support VAT numbers Most affected by the negative impact of the Covid virus on the economy. A scale with a value equal to 4.4 billion euros, targeting retailers and professionals based on the percentage reduction in score for 2020 compared to 2019.

All contributions must be paid By December 31, 2021. Precisely for this reason, since the Revenue Agency will be operating the platform, only interested parties will have access to it. 30 days In order to submit the relevant application.

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In detail, in order to receive these contributions, stakeholders must have recorded a decrease in profits or an increase in losses in 2020 equal to at least 30% compared to the previous year’s data. Furthermore, the value of the contribution allocated to VAT number holders and professionals will be calculated as follows:

  • 30% in attendance of revenues or fees Up to 100 thousand euros;
  • 20% in the presence of a business number included Between 101 thousand euros and 400 thousand euros;
  • 15% for VAT and professionals with Compensation from 401 thousand euros to one million euros;
  • 10% of included revenue between 1 million and 5 million euros;
  • 5% for VAT numbers with fees Between 5 and 10 million euros.

Non-repayable grants of up to 150 thousand euros

The amount of the contribution may reach a The maximum value is 150 thousand euros. In addition to reduced sales, contributions already received will be taken into account.

In fact, there is no right to the new scholarship “If the total amount of contributions, already recognized by revenue, is equal to or greater than the difference between the economic result for the year of tax period 2020 and the economic result for the tax year 2019“.

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At the moment, we remind you that it is not possible to place an order yet. In fact, interested parties should wait for the revenue agency to run the relevant agency a program To be able to request new contributions.

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