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Varese’s hockey mastiff also spoke into the microphones

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After Jamal’s 36 episodes, he appeared the second season to “these seven”the famous radio program that makes business and land between Malpensa and Verbano, comes to it finale episode.

Friday 23 June, As always in the window that goes from 19 to 20.30, at frequencies Village Radio Network The final leg of the long journey will be broadcasted by PD DJ Banana and speakers Marco Limpiati, Fabio Barison, Susie Milani It will take place in the famous restaurant Visconti Court to Lombard sumA few steps away from the castle and the city centre.

The mayor would welcome and honor the now historic foursome Stephen Bellariawhich will offer the members of the “Quelli delle Sette” some precious DOC Sommesi under the motto of culture, sport and beauty.

During the episode, he will also be present Paul RovellI am founder cathedral which deserves accolades for converting a former abandoned factory into a A place to meet and create. LaCattedrale is now not only a space that houses contemporary artwork, but also a welcoming place to be exclusive events, Generate value for society.

Then as always for the sport, with a real special guest, the Mastiff Ricardo Preveterra. attackerHCMV Varese Hockey run on ice from Five ice rinkCounty ice rink. Privitera will retrace the yellow and black’s triumphant season, which ended with a historic arc: the Cup Italian cup winning the International Humanitarian Law Championship; L’Italian Hockey League.

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From absolute winners to ambitious winners: there will also be one of the champions of the episode Georgia Debuchiocompetitor Miss Italy. After deftly passing the first selections, he will spendSummer on the catwalktrying to get the regional address Miss Lombardywhich will grant her access to the national finals.

How do you listen to those seven

To listen to the broadcast just download the app Village Radio Network Or connect to to listen live (even from a smartphone). Alternatively, you can ask your voice assistant to call it RVN.

program will enter Reply on Sundayfrom 13 to 14:30, and can always be listened to thanks to podcasts.

Quelli delle Sette enjoys sponsorship Confcommercio Gallarate Malpensafrom Pro Sesto Calende This is achieved thanks to the contribution Trade area Malpensa Nord Ticino. Varese News is Digital media partners.

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