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USA: MD-87 crashes near Houston

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MD-87 crashes near Houston.

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In the US state of Texas, according to media reports, the plane carrying 21 people left the runway and then caught fire. No serious injuries or deaths were reported after the crash at a private airport near the city of Houston, local broadcasters KHOU 11 and CNN reported Tuesday. Two people on a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 were slightly injured. Accordingly, there were three crew and 18 passengers on board.

Videos from the KHOU station showed burning wreckage – only the back of the engine was still visible in the thick black smoke. As reports continued, the occupants of the plane escaped in a timely manner after the incident via emergency exits. The aircraft was a private charter flight from Houston Executive Airport to Boston northeast. United States To fly.

Traffic Safety Authority NDSP On Twitter, experts travel to Texas to investigate the crash. MD-87 twin engine, short body aircraft. Depending on the configuration, the machines can accommodate more than 100 passengers in the planned operation. (sda / dpa)

Worst plane crashes


Worst plane crashes

They are: ap / chao soi cheong

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