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USA, Donald Trump is running for the White House

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America’s comeback begins todayHe began, before boasting of his successes and blaming Joe Biden for a country now “in decline, humiliated and mocked on the international stage,” from the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan to the conflict in Ukraine that brought the country with it “to the brink of nuclear war” and “only today.” A missile, possibly from Russia, has been sent to Poland’s borders.”

“People have gone mad and angry and we have a president who sleeps at international summits,” he attacked. Biden responded in real time from the G20 in Bali with a dry tweet: “Donald Trump destroyed America.” The highlight was when, midway through his speech, he formally announced his candidacy in 2024, having already submitted the documents to the Federal Election Commission: “To make America great and glorious again, tonight I announce my candidacy for President of the United States. The United States of America chanted to the cheers of the crowd, Although his entire letter seemed to be like that Old, repetitive, obsessed.

He vowed that “Biden will not have another four years,” stressing that “from now until Election Day, I will fight like never before, and we will defeat the radical democratic left that is trying to destroy our country from within.” “This won’t be my campaign, this will be your campaign,” the billionaire continued, relaunching the MAGA movement, his motto “America first” And the image of the new “golden age”.

Trump has bragged about the successes of his presidency, covering up the chaos of the pandemic and ignoring his own. “big lie” An election that culminated in an attack on Congress. Then he pointed the finger at Biden for inflation, the migrant crisis and the invasion of Ukraine, which “would not have happened” with him, and promised to keep America “out of any war.” The billionaire also insisted that his candidates succeed mid term With 232 wins and 22 losses, not to mention meltdowns have occurred in key positions.

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He portrayed himself as a “victim” of the investigations (from which he would try to protect himself by using the re-filter), and sneered at having the “record” of the subpoenas, saying he was more than that. Al Capone persecuted him. Closed after 68 minutes by dating Melania, the only member on stage of a family divided over his candidacy. there Ivanka’s daughter She has already made it clear that this time she will prioritize family and not get involved in politics, supporting her father “from outside the political arena.”

The Republican Party is also divided, with the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, His main potential rival, who attacked him shortly before the event accusing him, without naming him, of a Republican midterm flop. She turns her back on him too Rupert Murdoch: According to The Guardian, the billionaire warned him that his media empire would not support him in his bid to return to the White House, preferring DeSantis.

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