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USA, Bolton: “Help us make coups.” From Afghanistan to Iraq, American intervention in international crises

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that of January 6, 2020 to me Capitol HillIt was not a carefully planned coup. confirmed it John BoltonFormer National Security Adviser to Donald Trump The former US ambassador to the United Nations with George W. BushDuring an interview with CNN. Speaking about Trump’s involvement in the attack on the US Parliament, Bolton added: “As the person who helped carry out coups, not here but elsewhere, I can say it takes a lot of work and that’s not what he did.” Therefore, Bolton admits that the file White House Actively participate in the creation of inversions in different international scenarios. But where exactly? A CNN reporter’s question, Jake Tapper, arrives on time, and Bolton’s answer is dry “I won’t go into details.” The only issue that the former adviser talked about, in which he talked about the involvement of the United States, is the attempted coup against Nicolas Maduro In May 2020, when a kind of 8-man “Branclion Army” attempted to reach the Venezuelan coast. The goal: to reach the capital, CaracasThe president was taken from the presidential palace, with air support from US forces and local militants. While traveling on a small boat, Maduro’s army immediately intercepted the men belonging to a private security company. The dynamic remains unclear and Bolton’s comments yesterday are fueling this uncertainty. For example, while it is true that planning a coup takes time and adequate planning, the attempted coup in Venezuela which, according to the admissions of Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Washington, could hardly think of an organized plan. A few poorly trained and weakly armed men attempted a blow that seemed impossible from the start. “It turned out to be a failure.” Not that we have much to do with this, said Bolton, but I saw what it took for the opposition to try to overthrow an illegally elected president, and they failed.

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The disclosure of the former US representative to the United Nations comes the day after the hearing United States Chamber of Investigative Committee who investigates the Capitol Hill attack. According to the indictment, Donald Trump allegedly incited violence in an extreme attempt to stay in power after losing the 2020 election to rival Joe Biden. Bolton’s comments spread around the world, and advisers did not respond for long. There have been strong criticisms of Washington’s intervention in various international crises. From a role in 1953 in the overthrow of the first then Iranian National Minister Mohamad MosaddeghIn the Vietnam Waruntil the invasion Iraq And the Afghanistan. Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Minister, Maria Zakharova He demanded an international investigation, noting that “it is important to know what other countries the United States planned coups in.” Wang WenbinCommenting on the statements of the former Trump loyalist, the Chinese Foreign Minister’s spokesman said: “It is not a surprise,” and continues, “The recognition simply shows that interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and overthrowing their governments has become a practice for the US government.” Evo Morales, the former president of Bolivia who was ousted from the military in 2019 over allegations of opaque elections, tweeted that Bolton’s words show that the United States is “the staunch enemies of democracy and life.” In Turkey, a local pro-Erdogan newspaper commented on Bolton’s words, referring to the failed attempt to overthrow the Ankara government in 2016.

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