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USA, 15-year-old high school killer in Michigan will be sentenced as an adult

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The fifteen-year-old accused of being tried as an adult open fire In Oxford High School, a high school in Michigan in the suburbs of Detroit, resulting in the death four students and hurt others Puts. Ethan Curmbley, that is his name, will have to be held accountable for multiple murders and terrorism even though he has not yet reached the age of majority. The reasons that led him to commit that massacre were not explained. The authorities are not lopsided about the reasons for the gesture but are reasonably “confident” that they can prove it was a premeditated murder in detail. As Attorney General Karen MacDonald explained: “There are many traces of digital evidence left on social networks.”

According to the images from the internal circuit cameras, Crumpley got out of the bathroom and started filming between 15 and 20 rounds In the corridor he was in, apparently “random” according to investigators. His father had bought the pistol he was working with, a Sig Sauer 0.9 caliber, by his father a few days ago. Meanwhile, a Fourth student who were seriously injured after the massacre. This is Justin Schilling, 17 years. The other three students killed were Hannah St. Juliana (14 years), Madison Baldwin (17 years(e tit mir)16 years), the latter died in the police car while being taken to the hospital.

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