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Up to the Neck – The life of Pietro Puzone: the film on the former history of Naples is over

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The latest film set in Naples, the film about the life of Pietro Puzone is over.

Football in Naples On April 16, the movie “Up to the Neck – the life of Pietro Puzone” was released. Which tells the life of the former Napoli player on and off the field with many unpublished tales.


Up to the neck – The Life of Pietro Puzone: Plot

The documentary tells the life of Pietro Punzone from the beginning, when he was just a territorial player, to detoxification and escape from the clinic.

The hero’s life reached its climax when he became one of the players who won the first Scudetto for Naples with Maradona.

The two had a special bond, and there were many things that united them: long nights of festivities, drugs and also the fact that Pietro was important in the Naples crime of being linked to President Mario de Sina. After the Scudetto’s victory, the bond between the two grew stronger and stronger which led to him losing Beira, the only woman he’d ever loved.

Calcio Napoli decided at one point to sell Pietro to Catania but Diego pressured him first to keep him and then to secure another important participation for him.

Drug addiction and an obsession with such a stressful friendship became so strong that he often returned to Naples from Catania and, over the years, ended up in teams of lower classes, until he gave up his football career at the age of only 27.

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