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“I only understand who puts the installer on disk” –

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As we have seen, someone clearly broke the first day God of War Ragnarokbearing in mind that the game is expected in about two weeks but some copies are already circulating among users, and in the last few hours Cory Barlog’s reaction Sonny Santa Monica who started to understand me You can take advantage of only one installer mode on the disk.

“You know, right now, I can really understand the benefits of having a single installation on a physical disk,” the 2018 God of War director and creator wrote on Twitter. “A retailer selling the game about two weeks before release is really disappointing, I’m sorry to anyone else, who now have to avoid spoilers if they want to be able to play the game without expectation, that’s one thing.” silly Being in that situation is definitely not the way Santa Monica would like to handle things.”

As reported last Friday, a few copies of God of War Ragnarok are already in circulation, which means that Day One has been cracked and there are spoilers out there online. Apparently the developers received this very negatively and Barlog in particular stepped in to show all his disappointment.

Also note the reflection on the fact that the installer is placed on disk: the practice of distributing physical games that do not contain a large part of the game on disk has always been negatively viewed by users who buy games in this format, but clearly represents a benefit In such cases. The fact of distributing discs that still need day-first updates even if they are only able to function satisfies the respect for the release dates imposed by the publishers, which in this sense corresponds to their direct control over the distribution of digital copies.

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This is obviously a provocation from Barlog, but it also makes it understandable how, for various reasons, more and more publishers and development teams are adopting similar systems when it comes to distributing physical games on disc. It is news these days that there is also that the duration of God of War Ragnarok is 100% complete.

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