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Sex between teacher and underage student, video ends on Snapchat: Caught

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AGalternative youth from high school Florida He was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female student. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said so Ayanna Davis, 20, a professor at Lakeland High School (LHS), was arrested last Friday after a video clip began shooting at her. snap chat While having sex with one of his students. Although authorities have not yet been able to locate the video clip, the boy who filed the complaint said the footage was shown to a large group of school footballers.

The sheriff’s office claimed that Mrs. Davis did so “Unprotected sex” four times With a young man who thinks he has 16 years or younger. The student told authorities that he had sex with the teacher twice at his home and twice at Ms. Davis’s. “He was in a position of influence and took advantage of the victim,” said Sharif Grady-Judd.

Ms. Davis has been hired as a substitute English language teacher through a recruitment firm called Kelly Education Services. The company said the young teacher was appointed on August 23 a day later Comprehensive background checks Examination of his educational qualifications. She is now banned from working in any public school in Polk County.

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