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Unlimited periods in schools, space for young people

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The Integrated Plan of Activities and Organization for the years 2023-2025 (Biao) approved – Vicenza: open periods in schools, space for young people in the local police

There will be 73 new permanent employees by the end of the year common Vicenza: New human resources will be added to the 92 units hired last year as part of a process that will bring the total number of employees to 861, up 5% over the past two years.

This is one of the most important statements of Biao, the integrated activities and organization plan for the years 2023-2025, which was approved by the Municipal Council to ensure the transparency, quality and efficiency of its administrative activity, in accordance with the provisions of the law. .

At the end of 2023 and thanks to this process, the number of municipal employees will have exceeded the number it had at the beginning of 2018, with clear benefits especially in terms of the quality of services provided to citizens. From 2018 to 2023, 79 bankruptcy proceedings were triggered.

Several structural interventions have been introduced

To strengthen the workforce and make it more effective, in exchange for improving the revenues of the institution that contributed to the expansion of employment capacity in the municipality, with a ceiling for sustainable spending for employees at 35,389,904.36 euros in 2023, in addition to 454,892.39 euros included in the budget for fixed-term employment to implement Pnrr projects.

And during the year, in the first place, the recruitment of personnel to replace retirees will be completed, not on the basis of the category of retirees, but in connection with actual organizational needs.

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Moreover, in order to overcome fragility and reduce the use of fixed-term contracts, and with the aim of improving school service in terms of educational and educational continuity, starting this year there will be recourse to the permanent recruitment of teaching staff in kindergartens. and kindergarten teachers, with a gradual decline in the use of fixed-term employees.

Specifically, the expense derived from 6 staffing with a Kindergarten teacher profile and 6 assignments with a teacher profile will be offset by a proportional reduction in staffing cost for a given duration.

Always for education and educational services

Piao envisages valorizing the professionalism acquired by employees with a fixed-term employment relationship, resorting to the installation procedure to fill two positions of kindergarten teachers and operator in charge of school services for school staff.

Moreover, in line with what has already been accomplished in 2022, also for the three-year period 2023 – 2025, it is expected to raise the working hours of employees already employed in the enterprise part-time to 18 hours per week, with the subsequent shift of 2023 from 4 employment relations to workers School service from 18 hours to 36 hours per week.

Again, to strengthen the local police force

And making the performance of the night service more efficient in the region, and for a period of three years 2023-2025, the possibility of transferring agents during the transition to other services in the body, who will be determined, is confirmed, after publishing a notice containing selection criteria for those who are on the date of submitting the application, certified by the specialist doctor. For foreign service in the region or who have reached the age of sixty.

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Biao paid special attention to training as an essential tool to ensure the professional enrichment of employees and to improve operations and thus services provided to the city.

In this sense, training courses for new employees and to ensure the transfer of those already employed in new operating areas or new activities were envisaged, in addition to courses on digital skills by activating the curriculum training program.

Finally, regarding the general value of an administrative procedure,

Given this particular end-of-state phase, the objectives, aligned with mandate lines, to support digital transition, administrative simplification also through process re-engineering (BPR) and implementation of Pnrr-funded projects are certain.

In the same way, the strategic areas and objectives through which the structure falls behind on its performance are confirmed:

  • Vicenza is safe and livable with regard to increasing the safety of citizens, the safety of urban areas and buildings, and the guarantee of legality and transparency;
  • Vicenza is competitive and attractive in terms of the development of culture, tourism and regional marketing, the development of services for citizens and businesses; Efficiency of the administrative and organizational structure.
  • Vicenza is comprehensive and sustainable with regard to the development of social programs and policies for the citizen and the protection of the territory and the environment.

Vicenza, 28 April 2023

Source Municipality Vicenza

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