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The Iliad and WindTre Together Soon? Partnership hypothesis to invest in 5G

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According to what appeared on the network, Iliad and WindTre will consider a partnership to invest in the promotion of 5G in Italy

Development 5G in Italy Returns at a fast pace. Already in recent weeks, major mobile operators are moving to reshape the frequencies that were initially allocated 3G, so as to enhance the signal and make it more stable. An important starting point, but this may not be enough.

According to what has emerged, the partnership agreement between Iliad and WindTre for 5G (Adobe Stock) now appears to be close.

They are thinking about this point The Iliad and WindTre. Both brands will think to give life to one 50% equal joint venture. The idea is to work together to create a mobile network even in the sparsely populated areas of Italy with low profitability.

Iliad and WindTre, a joint venture to promote 5G in Italy

Iliad windtre 20220402
Here are all the details of an agreement that will boost 5G in the most remote and oceanic regions of Italy (Adobe Stock)

A possible alliance has been talked about for some time between them The Iliad and WindTre, which could eventually become a reality. The goal is to connect the connection with all the peripheral regions of Italy that cover so far 25% of the country’s population.Under the agreement, WindTre, which is owned by the giant Hutchinson Group, will have 7,000 mobile sites, which currently cover 27% of the land, will be converted into a company created for the occasion.It was read.

And then the Iliad will continue to buy 50% share On the new network drive. It is clear that there will also be growth purposes for the two brands, as the value of the companies will increase Between 600 and 900 million euros.

So the struggle for advantages continues in the new digital services, as the first moves began in 20118, when it ended An auction of 5G frequencies in Italy. Due to the high investment costs, all companies working in this field are now working on establishing real cooperation and partnerships. We’ll see if this also between Iliad and WindTre becomes a reality or if there will be new developments to curb negotiations.

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