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Unicredit, standard cuts in staff: who risks

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As part of the strategic plan that will be officially presented on December 9, Unicredit will plan 3 thousand new discounts for employees. The tightening of contracts will become part of a process of fundamentally simplifying matters Central directions From the credit institution.

The American website reported the news in the past few hours Bloomberg, owned by the former billionaire mayor of New York of the same name. Awaiting the official announcement by the bank, many Italian and European media are already wondering what they will be Times and ways of judgment.

Final numbers are still in progress audit, as the sources indicate to the US agency: So far it seems that the only certainty is with regard to the geographical area: the cuts will in fact be made in each of the branches in Italy than in other foreign countries.

The strategic plan and a few sure facts for the future

As per what has been learned, exits will be on a voluntary basis. You will be realized by using early retirement And – at the same time with the new staff structure – they could be New appointments are also planned.

The new round of cuts, according to the American news agency, is added to 3900 layoffs Derived from the previous strategic plan and which has already been agreed upon with the trade unions. Unicredit is currently present in 13 European countries and has approximately 87,000 employees.

after, after No agreement to acquire Monte dei PaschiThese days, the bank also announced the start of reorganization in the world Join the adventures insurance: CNN Affirmations In fact, it acquired Italian life insurance company Aviva, in line with an agreement launched on March 4, 2021.

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In particular, it highlights how Cnp Assurances under this agreement will receive 51% of the life insurance company Aviva (now 49% owned by Unicredit), which will change its name to Cnp Vita Assicura (with Cnp Senior Shareholder).

All Strategies of Andrea Orsel

A few days after the new show industrial plan, scheduled for December 9, and thus begin to filter out some details regarding the interventions on the recruitment front decided by the CEO of the company Andrea Orsel.

Born in 1963, this Romanian banker prides himself on a respected curriculum and a career spent at the top of some of the most important credit institutions in Europe. He is the same who orchestrated in 1998 the merger of the two Italian groups Italian credit NS Unicredit, creating what is still the largest bank in our country today.

The following year, he himself finalized another $13 billion (€11 billion) merger between Banco Bilbao Vizcaya and the Argentaria Group, creating the Spanish Institute. BBVA (well known internationally for being the main sponsor of league, the main football tournament in Spain).

In 2012, Orcel joined the management team of the Swiss investment bank ups, directs sales. In September 2018, it was announced that he had arrived at Banco Santander In the role of CEO, but the process did not take place. He has been the CEO of Unicredit since January 27, 2021 (selection confirmed on April 15).

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