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Coming from space “The Enigma”, a record-breaking diamond is up for auction

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“Diamonds are forever”, “Diamonds are every woman’s best friend”, “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”: Diamond It is part of popular culture, and is now a symbol of wealth, prosperity and marriage.

Although there are theories that diamonds are not so scarce – and therefore, not so valuable that they have to be sold at the very high prices we see them exposed today. This particular diamond. may be an exception.

diamond “puzzle”

The famous auction house has in its hands this precious so special that it is perhaps even one of a kind Sotheby’sHeadquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to some, this diamond Nero Will be literally out of this world.

And the name that the auction house decided to give this black diamond is also special: Puzzle, because he believes that comes from space. The rare gem was offered on Monday 17 February to reporters on tour in Dubai and Los Angeles in the US, and will be auctioned in February at Sotheby’s in London.

diamond for him 555.55 carats – It’s a file register. A carat is a unit of measurement for its weight. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams, and the price of a diamond increases exponentially with the increase of a carat. Larger and purer diamonds sell for hundreds of thousands of euros.

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So far, the largest diamond was golden jubilee, belonging to the Royal Gems of Thailand, 545.67 carats. Then the dimensions drop rapidly, and even the most famous, such as the regent worn by Louis XIV, weighed “only” a few hundred carats.

Sotheby’s expects to sell the diamond for at least £5 million, more than 6 million euros. The auction house has announced that it will also accept encryption as a form of payment.

Sophie Stevens, jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s in Dubai, told The Associated Press that number five It has an important meaning for diamond, which in addition to 555.55 carats also has 55 faces. He explained that “the shape of the diamond is based on the Middle Eastern symbol of the fifth palm, which means strength and protection,” and “Khamsa” in the Arabic language means five.

diamonds from space

But for the diamond The Enigma, it wasn’t enough to beat the size record, be black and have the mysterious number “5” as a symbol: Stevens also said that the diamond probably comes from Void.

It’s actually a Diamond Carbonado Which, according to experts and scientists, could be extraterrestrial origins is born from Meteor colliding with Earth: This collision and the resulting chemical vapor form these rare and special diamonds. But do not be afraid, even diamonds on the ground hide many mysteries.

In fact, black diamonds, specifically known as carbonado extremely rare It is found naturally in Brazil and Central Africa only. The theory of the cosmic origin is based on their theory Carbon isotopes and onHigh hydrogen content, which is not common on our planet. They may have formed about 3 billion years ago. There are also diamond-made.

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