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Policies, you may be entitled to six mites, but you don’t know it

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There are opportunities to receive bonuses and incentives, but you are not always aware of them. Here is some useful information.

Often Knowledge It can open doors to opportunities, even very beneficial ones. There are, in fact, possibilities that can be quickly seized, but in most cases, those entitled to it do not have enough knowledge to take advantage of them.


In fact, you can be the beneficiary of anyone Insurance policy Even if you are not necessarily aware of it. However, it is important to ensure that the expected amount is not specified and therefore it is impossible to withdraw it. Here are a few useful information.

The right to politics without knowing what to do

The possibility of existence can happen family members The deceased who had previously taken out A life insurance without our knowledge. Therefore, it is possible to verify this possibility by following the indications given to us by I.Box Bearing in mind that all life insurance policies fall within the scope of Prescription 10 years after death.

There is, too latent policies. These are, in fact, not collected by the recipients and remain, in fact, “latent” with Insurance Institutions Until the start of the statute of limitations. savings policies with not plural by investors.

To see if you are pregnant And beneficiaries of inactive policies you need to contact them Life Insurance Research Service From the National Association of Insurance Companies. Thanks to this service, it will be possible to obtain information about the existence of insurance policies in Italian institutions.

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For more to choose To check if you are entitled to any insurance policies, you should contact Insurance broker. Moreover, it is also possible to do this with the insurance company or the bank that was referred by the unfortunately deceased family members.

So it will be necessary requiring information (It is advisable to do this in writing) regarding the possibility of a policy. Moreover, it is possible to process the same requests soon from some of the contact points that can be consulted on the websites of insurance institutions in our country.

In the event that you hold a life insurance policy, you can collect it by referring to your insurance policy My name Avoid using legal heirs, born children and spouses. It will therefore be necessary to give the institution all the information necessary to monitor and identify the deceased insured person.

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