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Under 14 Elite, Lazio beat Frosinone 2-0 – Frosinone Calcio

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Lazio: Quadrelli, Iovane, Ferrante, D’Agostino (from 21′ st Palancica), Miloiu, Parla, Florio (from 34′ st La Grutta), Bernardini (from 4′ st Cappuccini), Diori (from 1′ st Clarizia), Martellucci, Materazzi (from 12′ st Morucci).
availableDiSanto, Cannateli, Bernie, Gigante.
trainer: Columbus.

Frozenone: G. Rosa, Iacobelli, Pileri (from 23 ‘st Caschera), Fioretti (from 11’ st Sperduti), G. Riggi, R. Rosa, Carbone (from 21 ‘st Eulisi), Esposito, Caramanica (from 11’ st Giurdanella), Paniccia, Casagrande.
available: Scordari, Tomasetti, Pantalone, Ricci, Voydoc.
trainer: Broccoli.

to rule: Miss D’Andrea from the Albano Laziale department

Signs: 2′ Miloio Street (left), 32′ Martolucci Street (left).

NBYellow cards: Fioretti (F), E. Riggi (F), Caschera (F).

sniper Frosinone’s under-14 track ends in the semi-finals.
After the Canaries won their group, they first faced Ostiamari and then Lazio for the U-14 Elite title. Miloiu and Martellucci score against Biancocelesti.
The match begins with Lazio attacking and Frosinone trying to defend themselves. In the first minutes the home team hit the post and the crossbar respectively with Florio and D’Agostino.
He turns up front, Esposito crosses down the middle to grab a teammate’s head but the shot ends up high over the bar.
In the second half, Lazio were awarded a penalty for a handball by Esposito, and Miloio replaced G Rosa with a penalty and made it 1-0.
Frosinone disagreed and immediately tried to restore par, with Casagrande shooting on goal and scoring but finding Jovani on the slide, who objected to only taking the corner kick.
The goal comes 2-0 in the last minutes with Paniccia losing the ball in a dangerous area, the ball ending up between the feet of Martellucci who beats Frosinone No. 1 with his left foot from outside the penalty area.

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