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UMV President Francesco Pietrasanta invites you to trust science and doctors

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resolution government Which stipulates the duty to vaccinate for all those over the age of fifty, and since February 15, for all workers, has sparked many controversies, protests and even numerous allegations everywhere. In this regard, chieffederation of valsesia montanaAnd Francesco PietrasantaHe wanted to express his opinion on some points in particular.

The first to talk about Pietrasanta conspiracy theories“If it was a global conspiracy, I think no one would get a chance, or a vaccine, or no vaccine. If such a powerful force injects “something” into 70% of the population, it can make everyone else take that “thing,” perhaps disguising it in food, water bottles, or even waterways.”

Then the president’s reflections emerge 98% of doctors and scientists have already administered the third dose of the vaccine: “Those with immunology/infectology skills, were the first to reject a vaccine if there was scientific evidence that it was harmful, and instead would be in favor of 98%.”

Then there is the front of the Those who say they’d rather risk getting sick, convinced that treatments are effective: “If you don’t trust the vaccine, it has now been injected billions of times, would you trust the experimental treatments, which are currently only used for severe cases and are still little used?”.

Is it worth arguing between us, getting fines, or losing your social life, your salary, or your job because of a stiffness without scientific basis and without specific knowledge? Is it worth your children losing their social life, which is essential to their development? Is it worth putting their futures at risk for not having salary or job? When a person does not know a topic, it is a good idea to seek advice from expertsfamily physician, other physicians, immunologists, or infectious disease specialists.”

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Finally a tip: «Pause for a moment, take a breath of oxygen, forget everything that has been said in recent months … Quarrels, heavy words, news coming from a thousand different channels. Stop and go to your family doctor for advice, as if you have a sore throat. Then follow his advice.

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