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Plane crashes in China, “Boeing deliberately crashed” –

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from Leonard Burberry

The plane crashed on March 21. The accident claimed the lives of 132 people. It is not yet clear whether one of the pilots or anyone else crashed the Boeing plane

Chinese Boeing 737-800 Oriental crashed on March 21 the last Almost at the speed of sound It was deliberately smashed by someone in the cockpit at that time. To say this is the American sources who had the opportunity to read and interpret the data from the two black boxes of The planes that disintegrated into more than 49,000 pieces. In effect they 123 passengers and 9 crew members were killed. The investigation is officially conducted by the Chinese authorities concerned with the incident, but part of the Western investigation team did not hide the discontent with the way Beijing has dealt with the case for days. He stresses the stigma in the Asian country towards issues such as suicide.


The plane took off at 13.16 local time (6.16 Italian time, so) on March 21. On 14.17 entered the FIR of Guangzhou where At 14.20 it lost its height without sending any signal. The person in charge of the area control center assigned to manage that flight called the crew several times but got no answer. N, from the cabin, they sent a distress. Forty seconds before it crashed, a Boeing 737-800 regained a slight altitudebut soon after – at 14.23 – the radar stopped receiving signals from the plane after another sudden landing.

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What happened in those minutes? analysis courier A few days after the accident, he thought it was a Boeing He nearly reached the speed of sound by exceeding his skeletal limits as he descended. According to the data collected, the plane touched 1,125 kilometers per hour fifteen seconds after the start of its descent.At an angle of 89 degrees with respect to the predicted trajectory: at that moment and at that altitude (2,393 metres) the speed of sound is estimated at 1,190 kilometers per hour.


The two black boxes were recovered without special difficulties, but one of them was in a problematic state Regarding data mining, so both were sent to the United States. One , Flight data recorder, stores thousands of flight parameters. the other, Cockpit voice recorder, records cockpit conversations. Since China is running the investigation, any information – officially – can only be released from Beijing. In the initial report, local authorities provided little information on the dynamics.

first results

According to insiders, that brief document aroused resentment among foreign experts who were asked for help.Al . explains courier source. Also because in the team it was already shown The Boeing 737 did what it was told to do. Confirmation of the initial hypothesis – an accident as a result of intentional human action – has arrived from the raw data of the black boxes: in particular, the flight data recorder will show how Someone deliberately made the maneuvers that caused the plane to point its nose toward the ground.

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But who was it? to me The Wall Street Journalwho first published the news of the prevailing Western investigative hypothesis, Focus on the leader. Who has direct access to black box data, allows courier It is actually A voluntary gesture by the first officer, who is seated to the right of the commander, cannot be ruled out. Looks like it has been eliminatedat the moment, The hypothesis of a terrorist attack with a third party – Passenger or flight attendant – Storm the cabin. At that moment, the source explains, The security door was locked and you wouldn’t hear screaming or threats from outside the cabin.


Not only that: According to the source Anyone who has ever operated a Boeing knows how to disable the autopilot, which was activated at that moment, and cause the plane to crash. To confirm this, the source continues, the sound of disabling the autopilot can be heard in the black box that records the sound. The courier China Eastern and the China Civil Aviation Authority were asked to respond, but had not received a response at the time of the article’s publication. Boeing, the manufacturer, is not commenting and inviting you to contact Beijing as they are leading the investigation.

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