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Ukraine war Russia, today the latest news about the crisis and Putin. directly

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Achieved mercenaries, on social gym, weapons and Casapound

Sad, angry but happy. This is how Kevin Schiapaloni introduced himself on Facebook, the 19-year-old student who went to fight in Ukraine with the resistance and was investigated by the Genoa prosecutor’s office because he was considered a mercenary. The latest traces go back to August 1 when he posted a photo on Instagram showing his middle finger to the photographer, almost certainly another young fighter in the Ukraine International Brigade with a light machine gun and wearing a helmet, with his face hidden by a pair of dark glasses and a balaclava. In another shot, hidden in the woods, he observed a point on the horizon with binoculars. On June 6, he posted a photo of a Shepherd puppy in his arms quoting Charles M. Schulze, author of Linus: “Happiness is a Warm Puppy.” But in the post, to a friend who asked him how he was doing, he replied: “The day before yesterday I lost a friend.” And again, elsewhere, he is with two friends, in military fatigues, faces bare and smiling in Krakow, Poland on April 29, a few days before volunteers (with a Spanish boy) cross the border with Ukraine. As shown by social networks, the boy’s passion for airsoft games and his struggle in Casapound to participate in the events of neo-fascism not only in Genoa, the anger of a boy from the suburbs spew out in a well-known famous gym in Cornigliano, a neighborhood where he lived with his mother before deciding to go to war in Ukraine to fight Putin.

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