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Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news. Macron to Xi: “Beijing’s role is vital for peace”

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Xi and Macron: Resume peace talks as soon as possible

Avoid any escalation and resume peace negotiations as soon as possible: this is the message of the meeting held today between President Macron and Chinese leader Xi Jiping, during the three-day visit of the French Head of State to Beijing with the President. From the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

The Chinese president said that China is ready to work with France to call on the international community for a political solution to the war in Ukraine. Xi Jinpingquoted by state radio China Central Televisionat the end of the interview.

In particular, in the five points of cooperation something He pointed out the importance of avoiding actions that could exacerbate the crisis and refraining from attacks on civilians, especially women and children. Xi then emphasized the importance of non-use of nuclear weapons and “resuming peace talks as soon as possible”, taking into account the “legitimate concerns” of all parties, seeking a political solution and building a balanced, effective and sustainable EU security framework. Xi then stressed the importance of cooperating against the repercussions of the conflict in the food, energy, financial, transportation and other sectors, and reducing the impact of the crisis on developing countries.


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