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Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Putin meets Erdogan in Astana

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NATO: Agreement with 14 Allies and Finland for Air Shield

Today the defense ministers of 14 NATO countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and the United Kingdom) and Finland met in Brussels to sign a letter of intent to develop a European Sky Shield Initiative. Led by Germany, the initiative aims to create European air and missile defense system Through the joint acquisition of air and missile defense equipment by European countries. This will strengthen NATO’s integrated air and missile defense. The initiative will allow all participating countries to jointly develop an air defense system using ready-to-use interoperable solutions.

“This commitment is even more important today, as we witness ruthless and indiscriminate missile attacks by the United States Russia In Ukraine, they kill civilians and destruction of critical infrastructure. In this context, I welcome the German leadership in launching the European SkyShield initiative,” said NATO Deputy Secretary-General. Mircea Guyanawho adds: “The new resources, interoperable and fully integrated into NATO’s air and missile defense, will significantly improve our ability to defend the alliance from all air and missile threats.”

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