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From Giuseppe Sarsena, Washington reporter

The Democrat was arrested along with 34 people, including 17 deputies. Civil disobedience initiative against the recent ruling of the US Supreme Court

there policewoman The warning is repeated three times: to you Unauthorized event You are blocking the road, move or you will be arrested. The idea did not anger 17 Democrats, including them Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
. They were at the head of a small procession heading to a building Supreme Court of the United States. demonstration against The June 24 decision to set aside the judgment in Roe v. Wade Thus, protection of the right to choose has been guaranteed to all American women since 1973.

One shock to American politics. but the Democratic majority Who controls both branches of Congress is unable to address the law. There are no numbers to decipherRepublican obstruction in the Senate. After that, the most extreme wing of the party decided to highlight the protest, even to the point of provocation. To move the initiative was the four stars of the so-called Squad, the Squad. In addition to Ocasio-Cortez, here I am.Lahan Omar and Ayana Presley and Rashida Tlaib. The group also includes longtime deputies, such as California Jackie Spear. They came out in the middle of the afternoon from capitol hill, A march and chanted slogans with activists: We will not back down.

The police followed them carefully, until the large group stopped at a awkward intersection on the ramp leading to the station. But after the call to action, many protesters sat on the asphalt. at that point The arrests were launched. Instead of metal handcuffs, plastic laces were used. The photos show Ocasio-Cortez saluting with a closed fist, before being pinned behind her back with her hands. They should be held for a few hours. Before they are released, they will be fined.

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