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18 Gifts, Movie Tonight on Rai 1: Acting and Plotting

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“Will I see my daughter?” That’s the sad question a young woman asks her doctor when she discovers during an ultrasound that the creature she’s carrying is fine, but she has an incurable tumor that leaves her no hope of a cure. From this touching opening a story begins 18 giftsThe animated movie will be shown tonight (Wednesday, March 16th) at Rai 1. The film is inspired by the true story of Elisa Girotto, the woman who moved the world by leaving 18 presents for her daughter’s future birthdays, after discovering she didn’t have time to see her grow up.

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Elisa (Vitoria Puccini) is only forty when she discovers she has terminal cancer. The woman waits, and after the unexpected tragic news, her first thought goes to her little creature, realizing that she cannot be by her side as she grows. Before the painful goodbye, Elisa thinks of a way to be able to at least get close to her spiritually. A woman buys a present for every birthday for her daughter Anna (Benedita Porcaroli) to adulthood. Among them, in addition to dolls, toys and clothes, there is also a globe with an indication of the places with which he would like to visit.

18 Gift: The plot of the movie with Vittoria Puccini

It’s her 18th birthday: Anna, who experiences those gifts as a kind of heavy heirloom, escapes from the party organized by her father Alessio (Eduardo Liu) and during the night is hit by a car. When he wakes up, he finds himself face to face with his dead mother…

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18 gifts It was released in theaters in January 2020 and soon after was distributed worldwide by Netflix; The cast is directed by Francesco Amato (who also co-wrote the touching screenplay with Massimo Gaudioso and David Lanteri, with a special collaboration with Alessio Vincenzotto, the husband of the real hero).

A note on the performance of Vittoria Puccini, transitioning into the role of this brave mother, and also on the young Benedetta Porcaroli, perfect in the role of a teenager frustrated and angry at life. In short, together, the two actresses form a compelling duo that pierces the screen and moves, directly reaching the hearts of viewers. So, get your wipes in time: you’ll definitely need them!

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