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Ukraine – Russia, today’s war news

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Mykolaiv and Odessa. Ukrainian President Zelensky He visited two neurological centers On the Black Sea, he told his soldiers: “As long as you live, there is a wall.” A mission not far from the Kherson region, where it seems that Kyiv is organizing the next counterattack. While Zelensky was on the southern front, Russian missiles fell on his hometown, Kryvyi Rih, in the Dnipro Territory. And in Kremenchug, southeast of Kyiv, and in the Odessa region. But the battle continued, especially in the Donbass. “We are preparing for the worst,” said Lugansk Governor Sergei Gaidai. While NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg declared in an interview that the war may last for years, “but we must not give up support for Ukraine.”

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06.50 Johnson: “Preparing for a long war”

“I am afraid that it will be necessary to prepare for a long war because Putin is resorting to a campaign of attrition in an attempt to brutally crush Ukraine,” he added. So the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson In a speech in the Sunday Times. “Time – he says – is a vital factor.” “Everything – he adds – will depend on the fact that Ukraine is able to enhance its ability to defend the ground faster than Russia’s ability to renew its offensive capacity.”

04.30 The doctor fired by the Russians thanks Zelensky. Horror pictures in Mariupol

Yulia BayevskaKnown in Ukraine as Tyra, the doctor who filmed the efforts to rescue the wounded in Mariupol with a body camera and was able to secretly get the images out of the besieged city. She was captured by the Russians on March 16. In the wake of the release, he posted a short video on Telegram to thank Ukrainian President Zelensky for his efforts to secure his release. “I know that everything will work out and we will all be at home like me now,” he said, addressing the Ukrainians who are still in the hands of the Russians.

03.00 Roscomos President: “Western space sector is heading towards war”

Dmitriy Rogozin, Director General of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, attacks the space industry in the West. “We can see where the Western space world is really going. It’s going to war,” he said on television. Russian 24. As an example, Rogozin refers to the intelligence collected for the Ukrainian armed forces from companies such as Lockheed, Boeing and SpaceX, which is linked to a “cloud” of data, and combines images captured by radar in real time “to provide the opportunity for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to identify targets and direct their missiles and operating multiple missile systems.”

02.10 Russian businessmen in Kherson

Kherson is the city currently under Russian control where the Ukrainians want to launch a counterattack. And here is the head of the military-civilian administration of the region, Vladimir Saldo“Russian entrepreneurs arrive without fear of sanctions and risks,” he declared. Russian Agency reports RIA Novosti. In the areas occupied by the Russians, civil-military administrations were formed, the ruble was introduced, and Russian television and radio programs were broadcast.

01:30 Stoltenberg (NATO): “The war could go on for years”

“We must prepare for the fact that it may take years. We must not give up support for Ukraine,” he said. Jens Stoltenberg – Secretary General of NATO – for the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. “Even if the costs are high, not only for military support, but also for increased energy and food prices.” The NATO summit in Madrid later this month is expected to agree on a package of assistance in Ukraine’s transition from old Soviet-era weapons to standard NATO equipment.

00.15 Lugansk governor: “We are preparing for the worst”

Sergioi Gaidai“We must prepare for the worst,” says the governor of the Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine. And the situation in the region concerns the following: “In Severodonetsk, Russian and Ukrainian troops clash in the streets, while in Lysechhansk Russian artillery fire is constant, almost 24 hours a day.” In Lysytchansk, there are indications of preparations for street fighting: soldiers dig holes and install barbed wire, and police put burning vehicles through the streets to slow traffic. Life is very difficult for the 10% of Lyssytchansk who remained in the city in cellars, without a telephone network, running water or electricity. “We try to get them to leave,” Gaidai says, but “some flatly refuse.” Only a “small percentage” hopes Moscow will turn the region into a “Russian world”.

00.06 Evacuation of 1.9 million people from Ukraine to Russia

Russia has evacuated more than 1.9 million people, including 307 thousand minors, from Ukraine since the start of the “special military operation”. The head of the Russian National Defense Administration Center said, Mikhail Muzintsev, Sputnik Agency. Only today – he added – they were evacuated “without the participation of the Ukrainian authorities, 29,733 people from dangerous regions” and from the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Donbass Lugansk.

00.00 The Pentagon assesses sending 4 more missile launchers

The Pentagon is considering sending four more Hemar missile launchers to Ukraine. written by Politician. A military source said the decision “will be based on Ukraine’s immediate needs.” Another official said the delivery was expected to take place quickly. The United States has already sent 4 missile launchers to Kyiv.

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