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Ukraine drone attack 240 km from Moscow.

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Russia denounces Ukraine’s attack, which would have hit about 240 kilometers from Moscow with a drone. An explosion was set to injure 3 people in Russia’s Tula region, south of the capital, TASS news agency reported. A spokesman for the local security agencies told TASS that “the explosion in the city of Kirievsk, Tula region was caused by a Ukrainian Tu-141 Strizh drone. The drone was equipped with explosives.”

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“The drone fragments were recovered,” he adds. According to the TASS news agency, “two young men were hit by debris and a third was slightly injured.”

Bakhmut – In Ukraine, the city of Bakhmut is still the epicenter of the war. Russia does not back down from pressure and continues to launch attacks. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to “control the actions of the enemy” and have “sufficient resources to defend the front line,” according to Serhiy Chervaty, spokesman for the Eastern Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He adds that “the stability of the situation means that we see and control the actions of the enemy,” explaining the meaning of other communications from military circles in Kiev.

“We unravel the enemy’s operating directions, we understand the plans. We are aware of the resources and means we can draw on: we know we have enough to hold. We know where our reserves are and what we can use,” he said, before adding, “We also know where we can inflict damage.” seriously to the enemy, weakening it and reducing its offensive potential.”

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