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Ukraine – Russia, today’s news live

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Russia: Ambassador Antonov, conducting forced nuclear exercises in response to Western rhetoric

Russia’s upcoming nuclear maneuvers constitute a “coercive measure” in response to the West’s aggressive rhetoric. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, speaking to the press. “The training activities announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense did not come out of nowhere. Antonov told reporters that this is a coercive measure in response to the arrogant and aggressive policy of the “collectivist West” which creates unacceptable threats to the security of Russia and its citizens.

The ambassador stressed that the United States and its allies are constantly working to expand the supply of “deadly weapons” to Ukraine, which Kiev uses to kill the Russian people and strike the territory of the Russian Federation. “We are not threatening anyone. However, the crazy strategists in Washington and their lackeys in Europe must understand that with the increasing risks they cause, Russia will use every means to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Antonov pointed out that the West will not be able to play any unilateral escalation game.

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