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Balance is difficult and polls are crumbling –

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From Giuseppe Sarsina

He said America needed to be reunited, but was now in trouble. Opinion polls follow. The first twelve months are viewed through four lenses: economy, health, representation, and diplomacy

From our correspondent in Washington

On January 20, 2021, In the inaugural speechAnd Joe Biden first quoted Abraham LincolnToday, too, we must reunite America to unite our nation. Then he remembered what his mother had told him, more simply: Put yourself in other people’s shoes, if only for a moment. This year, the president almost did not succeed in gaining broad consensus: From pandemic to reform on voting rights. Approval rate only in 42.4% The country remains deeply divided.

The economy, the two obstacles

Joe Biden The president who distributed, in just one year, more public spending and investments From her ancestors: About 3 trillion dollars. More than Donald Trump (2,400 billion), more than Barack Obama (830) and more than Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his new deal of $793 billion in current values. But despite this, The economic plan did not give the hoped-for momentum management popularity. The most important part is still missing: providing social assistance, education and energy transfer. The so-called plan to build back betterSince then, it has been banned Senator Joe Manchin. An ambitious gambit should mark the turning point Biden promised: reduce disparities; Financial rebalancing with more taxes on income over $400,000 per year; Sustainable development in line with international commitments on climate change. The president has already resumed negotiations with Manchin, and if an agreement is reached, he will have to lower his aspirations. There is at least one other complication: inflation. In the fall, the White House shrugged off rising gasoline and food prices, and trusted the Federal Reserve.

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Health, early advertising

Joe Biden cured the epidemic by starting over Excellent results achieved by the federal government in 2020, despite of The ridiculous position of Donald Trump towards scholars. The new president launched mass immunization, immediately drawing on vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. At first, the campaign accelerated. So much so that Biden referred to July 4, National Independence Day, as Liberation Day from Covid-19. Excessive optimism and perhaps a political mistake. Then the administration’s efforts collided with it Stalling in nearly every Southern and Midwestern stateled by the Republicans. Two examples above all: Greg Abbott e Ron DeSantisThe governors of Texas and Florida who did not take even the minimum precautions. At that point, the Washington government started to falter. Biden came to propose Giving $100 to those vaccinated. at the end Variable Omicron It further complicated the plans. The result: a seemingly insurmountable no-fax or scrambler wall. today The proportion of the population fully vaccinated is 63% in the United StatesCompared to 73.3% of EU countries and 74.3% of Italy.

The battle for the right to vote

For at least 10 months Joe Biden lobbied Democratic senators to repeal the disruptionAnd The crippler to the bitter end Republicans use it to block any reform proposed by the White House. It would take all 50 Democratic senators to vote, but there was no way to persuade Joe Mansion e Kristen Cinema. Republican stalling is about to stifle major voting rights laws. After defeating Donald Trump in 2020, 19 Republican-led states have enacted legislation to regulate turnout. Some restrictions are in line with European standards: ask for an identity document from all voters. Others are just plain silliness. In Georgia, for example, it is forbidden to bring food or drink to those queuing at polling stations. The primary objective of all these legislation is to limit early voting the by correspondenceTwo Methods Democrats Have Used to Mobilize African American and Latino Communities. Last spring, the Democratic Party introduced two bills to protect postal voting and, above all, to reduce the discretion of individual states in checking and certifying ballot papers. Now, however, they risk destruction.

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Diplomacy between Xi, Putin and Afghanistan

Biden’s Doctrine of Foreign Policy Depends on the challenge of the century with China. The president presented himself as the leader of the world’s democracies, which raised many expectations in the international community. Then came the first disappointments. In January and February, Biden made this clear The United States would not donate a single dose of the vaccine abroad: Americans first. In May, the administration failed to stop Benjamin Netanyahu’s attack on the Gaza Strip. In July, Biden promised to help the Cubans in the rebellion, but noteworthy initiatives did not follow. at the end Hasty and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan to interview August. These images of Kabul airport will remain in the memory; Those men who fell as heavy as a runaway plane. At some point it was inescapable to believe that, in practice, Trump America First was no different than Biden. In the latter part of the year we saw a change of pace. The White House closed the trade standoff with the European Union and resumed consulting with allies in a more systematic manner. First Iran, then Ukraine. The crisis between Kiev and Moscow will be a critical test for Biden, participates in a cunning dialogue with Vladimir Putin.

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