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‘This Isn’t Your Show’: So a Judge Shot down America’s Greatest Conspiracy Theorist – VIDEO

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Not only that he lost his son in shooting in primary school sanding hookBut he also had to contend with conspiracy theorists who called the massacre a “hoax.” His life also became “hell” due to disinformation websites such as info: and for this Scarlett Lewis Yesterday he faced the conspiracy teacher in court, Alex Jones. The trial was initiated by the families of the victims who were brutally murdered in 2012 by young Adam Lanza. On that day, 26 people died, including 20 children. Jones, however, The episode has been described for years as a “government hoax”Describing the families of the victims as mere “actors”: yesterday he admitted for the first time that he was wrong. In its new version, The attack was “100% correct”..

financial problems

Jones I have announced He believed the conspiracy theory because he was the victim of a “form of psychosis”. A sudden reversal of a theory that has spread over the past ten years: Perhaps it was impossible to continue lying in the eyes of Scarlett Lewis, or she was afraid of $150 million in compensation The family asked him and the gate he founded. In order not to have to face its debts, the parent company of Infowars, free speech systemsAnd the filed for bankruptcy last week.

On the other hand, the trial doesn’t seem to be taking a very positive turn for Jones: everything seems to be tugging against him, even his attorney. Yesterday, in court, the conspiracy theorist turned pale when he found out Lawyer sent by mistake to the other side Letters and emails proving him guilty of perjury. Jones was going to lie, I knew I was lying: surprise.

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“This is not a show”

“It seems absurd to remind her that she has to tell the truth only while she is giving evidence, but here I am: she must only tell the truth. This is not his offer.: So the judge Maya War Gumble, In court, the defendant was cornered. “I think what you said is true, so I don’t…” Jones stammered. But the judge’s response is terse: “Yes, you believe that everything you say is true, but it is not. His beliefs make nothing real. That’s why we’re here”.

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