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Ukraine Russia, latest war news | Meloni: “The G20 cannot see Russian aggression.” Free another village in Lugansk

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News Wednesday 16 November live

• The war arrived in Ukraine on 264.
Two missiles Two people were killed in the town of Przyodo, 12 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.
• For Ukrainian President Zelensky, an attack on NATO territory is a very significant escalation, and action is needed. Russia denied responsibility.
• Ukraine requested an “immediate” NATO summit, while French President Macron announced that there will be a discussion today in the ongoing G-20 in Bali.
• On the twenty-first day there will be a meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

15:07 – Kyiv liberated another village in Lugansk

The Ukrainian army liberated the village of Makeyevka in the Lugansk region. This was announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense by showing a video of the liberated settlement, UNIAN reported. Makeyevka village, Luhansk region under the control of Ukraine! No house was spared, and the destruction and death are the consequences of the “Russian peace that prevailed here for 8 months,” as stated in a Facebook message.

12:39 – Meloni, the G20 cannot fail to see Russian aggression

There was a complex issue of Russian aggression against Ukraine. No one can pretend not to see what is happening with Russian aggression.” This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during the press conference at the end of the G20.

11:11 – Macron and Russia have returned to the negotiating table

From the G20 Summit came a A clear message from the international community to RussiaOr that Moscow should return to the negotiating table. This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference at the conclusion of the Bali Summit. Macron added that despite the tensions and divisions, multilateralism is in the interest of everyone, including Russia, and Russia does not want to remain isolated.

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11:07 – Macron, the G20 does not want war or nuclear blackmail

The closing statement of the Bali summit shows that the G20 – including China and India – does not want war or unacceptable nuclear blackmail. This was confirmed, speaking from Bali, by French President Emmanuel Macron. He added that the G20 confirms that it was founded on respect for international law.

10:28 – Russians are shooting at nuclear power plants

(Lorenzo Cremonesi, reporterThe Russians allegedly shot down 4 nuclear power plants in Ukraine, cutting electrical connections.

10:27 – Sweden: New aid to Kiev, the largest military deal ever

Sweden’s Prime Minister Ulf said Sweden will provide new military aid worth 3 billion kroner (about 240 million euros) to Ukraine, the largest package of defense equipment it has provided to Kyiv so far. A military support package larger than all of the previous eight combined, Christerson said at a news conference. It’s the biggest single delivery we’ve made and we’re exactly following the Ukrainian priority list, what they themselves think they need right now.

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