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Two exposed Iranian chess players, Sarah will move to Spain – the world

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Iranian chess champion Sara Khadem Sharia, who competed in the 2022 World Championships in Kazakhstan without wearing the mandatory veil, plans to move to Spain. This was confirmed by two sources close to the Spanish heroine, without specifying the location, but they added that Sarah Khadem, who is married and has a daughter, already owns an apartment in Spain. The sources also made it clear that they do not know whether Al-Batal has already obtained a Spanish residence permit thanks to her property, or whether she has requested or intends to seek political asylum.

Two Iranian chess players competed in the 2022 World Championship in Kazakhstan without wearing the mandatory headscarf. In addition to Sara Khadem, whose story has become known, Atossa Pourkashian also competed “bare-headed”, according to the anti-regime news site IranWire. Khadem and Purkashian appeared in the photos posted on the Flickr channel of the FIDE without their headscarves, adds IranWire, which also publishes the photos in question.

What is happening in Iran is “unacceptable to us and we do not intend to tolerate it any longer.” This is what Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said during her press conference at the end of the year. Meloni added, “We have always had an approach of dialogue, but if these repressions do not stop” in Iran “and there is no turning back – Meloni added – Italy’s position will have to be changed, since the clause must be the subject of dialogue at the international level.”

He talks about the Iranian chess champion Sarah Khadim Al-Sharia, who participated in the 2022 World Championships in Kazakhstan without wearing a headscarf, The prime minister said she was injured From the story of the girl, who in reality decided to take part in the World Chess Championship by taking off her veil in front of the world: “It made me think. We are used to symbolic gestures but, usually, we have no possibility of such dire consequences as those that this might have. This belongs to her and others who do symbolic gestures in Iran, knowing that they can pay exorbitant prices. This should make us think about the value of freedom, which we take for granted.”

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According to the latest update of Iran’s Human Rights News Agency, Hrana, 508 people have been killed during the protests in Iran, including 69 children. The number of those arrested is more than 18,000. The report stated that more than 1,200 protest marches have been organized in 161 cities so far.

The new data provided by the agency refers to the period from September 26 to December 7.

Iran: judges, immediate deterrent penalties for protesters
Iranian Judiciary Chief Gholamhossein Mohseni Ajei called today during the meeting of the Supreme Council for “deterrent punishments” as soon as possible for the demonstrators arrested during the protests, according to what was reported by the BBC. “His fellow judges must move as quickly as possible to try to punish the elements causing the disturbances,” he said. “I have ordered the First Deputy Judiciary and the Attorney General of the country to follow up the procedures for completing the cases of the main suspects in the riots on a daily basis,” he added.

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