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Ukraine, Russia and Orsini: “Zelensky needs calm”

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“Zelensky has to make peace with himself. He has to calm down, he is politically incapable.” These are the words of the professor Alessandro Orsini Who spoke in Cartabianca, on Raitre, about the war between Ukraine and Russia. “If this is a war only about Russia and Ukraine, then Ukrainian President Zelensky does what he wants. If we risk a nuclear war, Zelensky should calm down and not think about sliding into World War III or asking hundreds of companies. The Italians should be swept away. If we are involved , Zelensky must accept that Italy and Europe have a say,” says Professor of Sociology in International Terrorism.

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And he adds: “Five days before the start of the Russian invasion, German Chancellor Schulz tried to mediate: Zelensky should have abandoned NATO and declared Ukraine’s neutrality, but he refused.” “The Italian government must take the lead in peace diplomacy, it must make itself available for recognition of Donbass and Crimea. I do not entrust the situation to Zelensky, this man is completely incapable politically,” he says.

I do not think from a political point of view, but from a humanitarian point of view: I would prefer children to live under a dictatorship and not die under bombs in the name of democracy. A child can be happy even under a dictatorshipOrsini continues.

The images of the Buca massacres were dominated by horror for the past few days. “It is terrifying, it impresses me that no one thinks of launching a very strong peace initiative. Either Italy will send soldiers to protect the Ukrainians, or we need to make peace. The middle solution is the worst. The premise that it was not the Russians: from a moral point of view nothing It changes, there are people being massacred every day by the Russians. Italy must take the lead in the peace process or else we will have more massacres,” says Orsini.

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