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Ukraine Direct War – Putin to Schultz Macron: ‘Ok for the solutions on wheat, but stop the weapons’. Answer: Free the Azovstal soldiers.

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Zelensky: I’m not sure about regime change in Russia. I think they are all afraid of Putin

No one in Russia’s ruling elite will oust President Vladimir Putin. This is the opinion expressed by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky In an interview with Dutch TV channel Nos. “I think this whole team has been working for many years and they are related to many things, many crimes, they are united – he said – I am not sure about regime change in Russia at the moment. I think they are all afraid of Putin“.

Kyiv: “Restoration of the highway and traffic in almost all strategic directions of the country”

“The lane was opened on the M 06 Kiev Chop highway, near Stoianka. In less than two months the road was restored. From today, the passage of trucks on the road has also been restored. Thanks to this, traffic has been restored in almost all strategic directions of the country. This was announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure.

Zelensky: “The situation is very complicated in the Donbass and in the Kharkiv region”

Dear Ukrainians, The 94th day of all-out war is over. The situation is very complicated, especially in the Donbass and in the Kharkiv region, where the Russian army is trying to achieve at least some results. The main directions of the fight are still the same as before Severodonetsk, Lyschansk, Bakhmut, BubasinA and others. Our defense is resisting and I am very grateful to those who are resisting there.” President Zelensky said this in his daily video address. “Every day we work on our defense and on the supply of weapons – and we are getting closer to the day when our army is It will be superior to the enemy technologically, in terms of strength and ability to strike.”

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“Attack in the Dnipro region: hit a factory”

One factory area in the city has been damaged. The factory was practically destroyed and explosions could still be heard. The fighters are immediately working to put out the fire. ” This is an update of the attack on Kryvyi Rih, in the Dnipro region, presented by Alexander Vilkul, head of the Municipal Military Administration.

Russia: “We will continue to work with Washington on the New Start Treaty”

Moscow plans to continue working with Washington on the New Start Treaty, which expires in 2026. The Director of the Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told TASS Vladimir Yermakov. I would like to make it clear that the interaction between Russia and the United States as part of the current New START Treaty has not been interrupted. The examination of issues related to its implementation in the specific forms foreseen for this purpose continues, the exchange of necessary data and notifications continues. We expect these efforts to continue until the treaty’s expiration date. which has been extended to February 2026”, Said Yermakov.


Kyiv: “Enough missiles to sink the Russian fleet in the Black Sea”

Ukraine has enough missiles to “sink” Moscow’s entire fleet “in the Black Sea”. This was stated by the spokesman of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Prachuk. Unian reports that.

Kyiv: “A Russian ship in the port of Mariupol carried 3000 tons of steel products”

A Russian ship entered the port of Ukraine Mariupol For the first time since Russia completed its occupation of the city to load 3,000 tons of steel products and bring them to Rostov-on-Don. Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, wrote on Telegram Lyudmila Denisova.
The looting carried out by the Russians in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian lands continues. After the Ukrainian grain was stolen, the occupiers resorted to exporting mineral products from Mariupol. To do this, they cleared part of the city’s sea port, Denisova wrote, explaining that before the occupation, up to 200,000 tons of metal and cast iron worth $170 million were in the port.

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The Kremlin: Putin, Macron and Scholz will remain in contact by phone

Russian President Vladimir put it inthe French president Emmanuel Macron The German Chancellor Olaf Schulz “I decided to continue keeping Contacts phone numberThe Kremlin spokesperson announced this, Dmitri Peskov. reports that tax.

In Severodonetsk “Street Fighter”

to me Severodonetsk “Battles are going on in the streetWhile the Russian forces were trying to control the city, but “they suffered heavy losses and were forced to do so.” to retreatwrite it on cable Ukrainian governor of the Lugansk region, let me go Heidi.

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