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Check out ‘Aircraft Carrier Killer’: the chase on our shores

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As seen on, the waters of the Mediterranean have been at the center of a very sensitive maneuver for days. On the one hand, the Russian fleet is trying to pressure NATO ships by chasing them towards the Ionian Sea, and on the other hand, the United States continues to send B-52 bombers to Europe to monitor everything from above. Now, a satellite image taken a few hours ago shows what is happening in Italian waters, specifically on the Ionian Sea near the coast of Calabria: “The challenge between Aircraft carrier From the United States, Truman has been watching since then destructive Russian Kulakov.

Truman Colacock Teams

It looks like a game of chess, one waits for the other’s moves, looking from afar. Carrier Truman It is the pioneer in the spread of NATO in the Mediterranean: as reported RepublicIt has F-18 Hornet fighter-bombers that have gone to the Black and Baltic seas to “train” if they intervene to help countries closer to war zones. The KulakovRather, it was completely modernized from the Soviet era in 2010: according to insiders, it is also equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, the same weapon with which the Russians hit areas of Ukraine. This ship moves at the same time as the cruiser Varyag, which is a large warship capable of engaging multiple targets at the same time and thus it is called the “Aircraft Carrier Killer”.

What is the Russian double mission?

The Varyag is the third largest of the Slava-class guided missile cruisers built for the Soviet Navy that now serves the Russian Navy. Having been in Italian waters since February, Putin has deployed a naval force never seen before including cruisers, fighters, frigates and submarines, one likely also nuclear-powered. All of these vehicles are also equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, a family of Russian cruise missiles. Why this overcrowding in the Mediterranean? for two Reasons: The first is to control NATO’s movements, and the second is to intervene to prevent entry into the Black Sea. The American Truman, the eighth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, is named after the thirty-third president of the United States. Harry S. Truman, awaiting US reinforcements for B-52 bombers flying over areas where Russian crews are located.

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ionic pursuit

The current situation sees Russians Varyag and Kulakov chasing the USS Truman in the Ionian Sea. But it is not so simple for Moscow because a long stay at sea creates it Problems To the Poti fleet, which failed to reach Crimea because Turkey prevents the crossing of the Bosporus by military units. In the chaos, the Pentagon is also reviewing its priorities: Truman was surprised by the Ukrainian crisis while in the waters of the Persian Gulf, was ordered to stop, and later joined by some cruisers.

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