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Putin Xi, meeting in Samarkand. Caesar on the attack of the West – the world

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In Uzbekistan, Vladimir Putin met Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time face-to-face since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and capitalized on his willingness to “work together” the great powers.

Putin noted that the West’s attempts to create a unipolar world have taken very appalling forms.
The Russian president told the Chinese president that he understands China’s “concerns on the Ukrainian issue” and intends to “clarify Russia’s position” in this regard.

Putin said Russia is “strongly committed” to recognizing the one-China principle and condemns “US provocations in Taiwan”.

Xi Jinping expressed his appreciation for Russia’s adherence to the “one-China principle” and stressed that “Taiwan is part of China”, which “firmly opposes the separatist forces of Taiwan independence” and “foreign interference” for this reason, added Xi during his meeting with his Russian counterpart. Russian Vladimir Putin in Samarkand, “No country has the right to stand as a judge in the Taiwan issue.” The president, in a report to Chinese media, stressed that “since this year, China and Russia have maintained effective strategic contacts.”

China wants to bring “stability and positive energy in a chaotic world”. President Xi Jinping said this when he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Samarkand. Based on the released photos of the opening lines of the first face-to-face since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the two delegations look pretty small. Among other things, foreign ministers Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov can be recognized.

China and Russia are ready to “provide strong mutual support on issues affecting each other’s core interests and deepen practical cooperation in trade, agriculture, communication and other areas.” In an official media report, President Xi Jinping said the two sides should strengthen coordination and cooperation in multilateral frameworks (such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SICA, BRICS), and safeguard the region’s security interests and the common interests of developing countries. developing markets”.

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“The potential supply of long-range missiles from the United States to Kyiv would be extremely destabilizing. If the United States made this decision, it would cross the red line and become a direct party to the conflict and Russia reserves the right to respond appropriately.” A spokeswoman for the Moscow Foreign Ministry stated, Maria Zakharova, citing RIA Novosti.

Russian and Chinese warships conduct joint patrols in the Pacific Ocean, including the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in the Far East of Russia, and are preparing to launch joint exercises. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. “The ships of the Russian and Chinese fleets will carry out joint tactical maneuvers including artillery fire with real ammunition and helicopter support operations that will take off from the same ships,” the deputy commander of the Primorye Fleet, a Russian region, said in a video. Northwest Japan. This was reported by Interfax.

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