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Ukraine, Cacciari a La7: “We are approaching disaster and there is an intrusive atmosphere. But are we crazy? We need to talk about peace “

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Of course we need to talk about peace. And what do we want to talk about? to atomic war? there intrusive climate And we talk indifferently about atomic war as if it were a coincidence. What is this? Are we free? This is the warning issued to Half past eight (La7) for the philosopher Massimo Cacciari For all parties, especially the center-left, which is stigmatized.” A wide and deep cultural disasterI have never confronted and questioned him,” even in connection with the war.

“It is clear that peace must be built – continues Kashari – it is clear that everyone should ask themselves how to reach peace or truce as quickly as possible, and not only The 5 stars. We’re already approaching disaster, I don’t know if it’s clear. What should we talk about if not peace? But are we free? “.

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