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UK Health Secretary Javid: “Maybe it’s too late to respond to Omicron”. Denmark has entered a semi-closed

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While Europe is trying to prepare for an increase in injuries due to the new infection The alternative Covid, from Great Britain, the warning signs continue. “It might be too much Delayed reply to OmicronCases of this variant are already prevalent in the UK. To support this, in the editorial day Telegraph SundaySunday’s edition of the conservative newspaper is the British Minister of Health Sajid Javed. “There are still many things we don’t know about the variant,” he wrote again, emphasizing that “we must be clear about the challenge posed by Omicron. Our strategy since its inception has been and still is to buy time So that our scientists can assess the threat and build our defenses.”

Meanwhile, after the Netherlands announced yesterday the lockdown in the country, it is Denmark’s turn today to tighten measures to deal with the increase in cases. As reported by the BBC, it will make stops throughout the month at theaters, cinemas and theme parks. Cafés and restaurants must close at 11pm Stores will not be able to sell alcohol after 22:00. There will also be limits on the number of people allowed in stores depending on the space.

the Germany Instead, it has imposed entry restrictions from France and Denmark, which have been declared high-risk areas for Covid. Those arriving from these countries without vaccination, or without a recovery certificate, will have to quarantine for 10 days, a period that can be reduced with a negative test after five days. At this point, all countries bordering Germany, with the exception of Luxembourg, are considered high-risk countries Corona virus disease by German health authorities.

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